The benefits to working from home

Home working has become more and more popular over the years and in some cases, as a result of the current pandemic that is sweeping across the globe, it has become a necessity. Many companies have steered away from home working as a result of being unsure whether employees would work as hard as they do when they are in an office. There are in fact a number of benefits to having your employees working from home.

Commuting – employees will spend less time on the daily commute which often means that they are more refreshed when they start work and also more willing to start work early or stay later in order to complete a project or task. It also means that they have more money in their pocket at the end of the month which again helps to boost morale.

Productive  Рonce you have ensured that your employees have all the furniture that they need to work from home such as the Next day delivery office desks that you can find online and access to all the necessary software you will find that they are actually more productive when they work from home. A study that was undertaken by Stanford university found that homeworkers are in fact 13% more productive than those who work from office bases.

Morale – with better productivity, no commute and a better work life balance you will find that your employees have a higher morale level, which once again will mean that they are more productive and this in turn will mean that your business benefits. Happy staff equally a happy and prosperous business.

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