How to layer menswear this winter

The modern man is much more aware of fashion and the importance of looking good than previous generations, and this winter is all about layers. There are many options when it comes to layering, and the benefits are both practical and stylish.

The joy of winter fashion is that you can keep on adding new items. Depending on how cold the weather is, you can add accessories such as hats and scarves, too.

Layer Up

As a basic rule, try to make sure each layer looks good on its own and as part of an outfit. This way, if you start your day early when it’s coldest, you can take layers off as the day warms up. It is a good idea to wear thicker, more absorbent items on top as this will keep you dryer if you’re caught in the rain and will also keep sweat from penetrating into your other clothes.

If you look good, you feel good. In this spirit, the recent International Men’s Day aimed to promote wellbeing and positive role models.


Men tend to stick to what they know and wear the same outfits and styles over and over. With layering, you can mix and match colours, designs and styles. As long as the colours go together, you can introduce several colours into one outfit. Just be careful not to bring in too many bright colours; one or two in a single outfit is plenty.


A recent fashion trend is having an untucked shirt hanging beneath a jumper. On the right man, this can look cool, but it can also look scruffy, so be careful if opting for this look. Farah shirts from companies such as look great; just remember to ensure that your jacket or coat is longer than your clothes.


Try not to mix up patterns. If your jacket or coat lining is patterned, this is probably enough. Likewise, if you have chosen to wear a patterned shirt, match it with a plain jumper and jacket.


Try to avoid too many buttons and poppers. A button-down shirt shouldn’t be worn over a button-neck polo shirt, for example. However, a polo shirt with a plain-coloured jumper can look great if you want a smartor casual look. Blazers are perfect for this time of year, too.


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