Does it matter what we wear to church?

Today it is very common in our young generation that is it really matters that what we wear to church is more important than believing in God? The answer to that is the respect in the heart does matter but it counts more if you express it visually. It is mostly referenced with the verse of Samuel “People look at the outward appearances, but Lord Looks at the heart” now here we are mistaken. Lord said that in such a way that there is no discrimination in his eyes for a poor and a wealthy person and all of us are God children’s, and with that he said us not to discriminate among each other by their looks and wealth they have.

Now when it comes to going church the outfit does matter. You have to be more respectful with the holy place integrity than other places like McDonald’s. You can’t wear shorts or if you are a female a short skirt to church. You have to put on your Church Dresses when going to one. In this way, you will be more respectful and feel closer to God because a person only dresses up for those who are closer to him/her. No matter what shape color or size you are in the eyes of God you all are the same. Many of us have complained about that there is no good stuff to wear to church in the market which is not true there are many companies who are even design plus size women church dresses.

It is a known fact that with the passage of time the dressing sense among the people and there is nothing bad in it but every place has its own sense of dress code and if you are saying that you won’t look good in it and suits are expensive then there are many companies who make women church dresses under 100 dollars. So there are no excuses about the dress coding of the church. Many of us usually go to church on Sunday so it will be easier for them to wake up at their time put on their Church suit and offer prayer in front of God no matter where you are even when in Serafina wear Serafina church dresses.

As oxygen is very essential for our body to breathe worshipping is the same need of our soul. You guys should make a routine to go to church once in a week because it will just not only help you to be close to the God but also will help you to become one with your inner spirit.

So I hope this article has made your thoughts clear about dressing up and going to church, always keep in mind that the struggle of this world can be decreased by just visiting the home of your God once in a while it will make you feel lighter, and with these new companies that make church dresses you don’t even have to worry about your looks.



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