How to Add a Feminine Touch to Your SuitHow to Add a Feminine Touch to Your Suit

There are currently many women around the world, holding managerial and executive offices. This is commendable, and most of these women choose to wear suits to work. The suits give a more professional and dominant look, suiting their positions. As a woman who wears suits to work, you may sometimes be concerned about looking boring or too masculine.

You shouldn’t worry because when styled in the right manner, your bespoke suite can give you a sleek, beautiful, feminine, and professional look. Below are some tips on how you can give your women’s suit a feminine touch.

  1. Wearing suits that accentuate your curves

The size and fit of your suit determine how feminine or masculine you look in a suit. In order to achieve a feminine look, choose the cutting and size of suit that fits your body and curves right. Do not go for an outfit that is oversized or overly straight, to avoid looking boxy. Also, you could have your suit trousers as a slim fit unless you find your legs to be too thick for a more feminine sleek look.

  1. Wearing skirt suits

Wearing a skirt suit is a great idea if you want to wear a power suit but still feel feminine. You could go for a skirt suit with a slight sheen because you would look sharper. Don’t shy away from a skirt suit because you are in a dominant position. A skirt suit is as powerful as a pantsuit, as long as it is styled right.

  1. Wear a blouse with some femininity

As much as your suit may be manly, you can use a shirt to change up the look altogether. By adding on a blouse with some feminine aspects such as frills, tie collars, or softer fabric, you can give your suit that feminine feel. Go into your wardrobe and look for feminine pieces that you can pair together with your power suits for a feminine feel.

  1. Accessorizing

Pairing accessories that are ladylike with your suit will make you look great. It doesn’t matter how formal your outfit is, a bracelet or necklace will add an exciting aspect to your general look. Go for subtle accessories that make you look beautiful while avoiding overly chunky and prominent jewelry that will make you look unprofessional.

  1. Playing around with color

Darker colors make your suit cold and monotonous. Therefore if you aim to look more feminine, look for lighter colors that will soften up your look. Another thing that you could do if you do not want to commit to a lighter-colored suit is making the color of your blouse lighter. Soft blues, browns, creams, and blushes, will give you a feminine feel without coming off as unprofessional.

There are many strategies that you can use to look more feminine, even if you are a manager or executive. These tips will help you to give your suit a soft touch without breaking your bank.

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