Look Classy With your Tweed Jacket and Excellent Grooming!

Remaining stylish at all times is not an easy task. However, the good news is that it is possible to be trendy without having to care about the weather. There are many ways to achieve this. Dressing in trendy clothing like the tweed jackets is just one of the ways. This article explores this and other ways you can employ to retain that executive look.

  1. Give yourself that clean and elegant  look

Every time you present yourself excellently, you have won half of the battle. For this reason, never wear any clothing you do not feel comfortable in. The clothing and accessories that you wear should always flatter your body.

To achieve this, you do not have to buy the most expensive clothes. Just get an individualized look. Also, do not forget about good hygiene. Showering daily always gives you that fresh look.

  1. Ensure you do not underdress

If you want to be trendy and classy during formal events, then avoid underdressing. For a formal or semi-formal event, it will be better for you to overdress slightly. Avoid also appearing in formal events wearing jeans. In case you are not sure what to dress in, it is good that you consult the host or some of your close friends. Consulting will prevent you from appearing the odd one out.

  1. Avoid putting that appearance of one who was partying the night before

To be classy demands that you do not show up with yester night’s wristbands from the club. Showing up smelling sweaty or beer does great injustice to your trendy look. Moreover, for women, get rid of that day-old eyeliner on your face. Always take a shower and rest before showing up at any event. Do not keep telling people how you have a hungover. It does not sound classy.

  1. Ensure you complete getting your look together before you leave your house

Putting on makeup in public is not classy. Likewise, combing your hair or even buttoning your shirt publicly is not trendy at all. Tie your shoelaces inside the house. Moreover, do all your makeup and apply your lip balm before you leave your home. To be classy, also do check to ensure that no undergarment is exposed. If you are a lady, ensure your bra straps do not show. If you are a man, ensure your boxer is not exposed.

  1. Maintain that great posture

To be classy, you also need to keep a good posture. Always walk straight, looking in front of you. Avoid looking on the ground or even slouching.  Moreover, crossing your hands over your chest does not look classy. Always keep your head high.

  1. Do not become a slave of the trends

Enjoying the trending fashion has nothing wrong. Buying new clothes that are in fashion is also not bad. However, you must resist buying or putting on any clothing that does not flatter your physique.

It is of great importance that the clothes you wear enhance your personality. Clothes should never create or alter your personality. Shop smart by selecting rightly fitting pieces. It feels fabulous, for instance, being in that great fitting tweed jacket. It will not only keep you keep but also very trendy and classy.

In conclusion, keeping a classy and trendy look is possible. Pay attention to your dress code and your grooming and voila! You got that trendy look.

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