So What’s the Big Deal About Crocs?

When it comes to all the different kinds of shoes you can buy, there is nothing quite so unique as a pair of crocs. Crocs occupy that strange middle ground between shoes and sandals. They are the footwear equivalent of the hybrid toys pieced together by Toy Story villain Sid Phillips. So what’s the big deal? Why do so many people love them?

It is an interesting question when you consider the practicality of wearing large pieces of rubber on your feet. In a world populated by dress shoes, work boots, and dozens of different kinds of sneakers, crocs seem somewhat out of place. And yet there is a very strong market for them. Indeed, there are people who swear by their crocs. They wouldn’t wear anything else.

Crocs Originally for Boaters

Crocs co-founder and Vice President, Lyndon Hanson, says that his company’s namesake footwear was originally designed for boaters. Nearly a decade ago, the first pair of Crocs were more like rubber clogs with a strap to keep them in place. They were perfect as waterproof shoes that would prevent boaters from slipping on wet decks.

That makes sense. Deck shoes are all well and good, but they are not waterproof. In fact, a good pair of leather deck shoes isn’t so good after being soaked by salt water three or four times. And no amateur boater is going to wear a pair of GC Tech waterproof overshoes out to sea. Instead, it’s crocs.

Medical Footwear, Too

In more recent years, crocs have become recognized as medical footwear. Podiatrists recommend them to patients suffering from a variety of foot injuries, as well as those with bunions or diabetes-related foot problems. The company behind branded Crocs even produces a special line of Rx Crocs for people concerned about foot health.

Crocs are said to offer an excellent level of support. Their rubber construction makes them resistant to bacteria and fungus. And because crocs are designed to have plenty of room to move, they supposedly help people with poor circulation avoid foot sores and infections.

Crocs from a Style Standpoint

Where crocs seem to excel as both medical and boating footwear, they do have their challenges from the style standpoint. More than one blogger has trashed crocs for their looks. More than one fashion expert has stated that crocs don’t go well with anything. Of course, opinions are meant to be contradicted.

The one style issue with crocs is whether to wear socks with them. We all know just what the fashion world thinks about socks with sandals. Pairing the two is something old people do after they move to Florida, right? But if this is true, isn’t wearing socks with crocs essentially the same thing?

Unusual in Every Way

Whether you love crocs or hate them, the one thing that cannot be denied is that they are unusual in the footwear world. There isn’t anything quite like them. They are unusual in what they look like. They are unusual in terms of material and craftsmanship. They are not quite a shoe, but they also aren’t just another type of sandal or flip-flop. Crocs are crocs. That is the best way to say it.

Perhaps you own a pair of crocs. If you are a genuine fan, you might own several pairs. The question on the minds of so many of us is this: what’s the big deal? What is it about crocs you love so much? They obviously have some strong appeal, or millions of people wouldn’t buy them. The rest of us just want to know what that appeal is.

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