3-Step Entrance Matting- A Guide To Protecting Floors

The harsh winter weather poses several challenges for those who work in facility services and maintenance. Salting, shoveling, wiping wet floors, clearing salt stains, ensuring safety, and other related activities need more time, effort, and money to do. We spend a significant amount of time during each season out in the field assisting clients with winter weather preparation and resolving safety problems. There are always minor adjustments that we may propose, but purchasing a 3-Mat Entry System is the most efficient approach to protect your floors, reduce your liability exposure, and save money all at the same time. We have experience working with M+A matting, and we trust both the company and the goods they provide. Below, you can find information on 3-Mat Entry Systems.

The System Of Three Mats For Entry

Keep dust and moisture from entering your home, if you have the right matting in place, you can keep 85 percent of the dirt, dust, and moisture that is tracked into a structure confined inside the first 15 to 18 feet. The 3-Mat Entry System was designed by M+A Matting specifically for this purpose. This system is comprised of three different types of mats: scraper mats, WaterHog Classic entrance mats (which combine the functions of scraper and wiper), and carpeted wiper mats.

Mats For Scraping

The initial component of this system is a set of scraper mats. These kinds of mats are typically positioned outside of a structure as the initial line of defense against filth, wetness, and other sorts of dirt. The surface cleats of these mats are meant to scrape stubborn dirt and grime off of shoes, and the bi-level shape of the mats traps debris below the level of the foot. The surface of our Brush Hog carpets is designed to filter dirt and moisture away, and the borders are created to allow excess liquid to drain away.

Waterhog Mats

WaterHog mats, also known as scraper and wiper mats, make up the second line of defense. WaterHog mats may be used either indoors or outdoors, depending on the entryway you have and the mat that you choose to purchase. WaterHog mats have a water dam border that can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard and have a bi-level surface structure that removes and traps soil below foot level. Additionally, these mats have a construction that allows them to remove and trap dirt below foot level. The water quickly evaporates from the tough PET fabric, which makes the drying process go much more quickly than it does with other types of materials.

Mats With Carpeting

Carpeted (wiper) mats complete this trifecta by removing the remaining trace of dirt and moisture from your shoes. M+A gives you several alternatives to choose from when it comes to logo mats, such as our ColorStar Impressions mats, to help promote your business. You may also get solid ColorStar mats with the same PET surface that is resistant to fading and stains and is also beneficial to the environment.

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