It is happening again, again we have discovered ANOTHER jean in trend and essential

We’re talking about Freddy WR.UP ® Jeans. Do you know them? You can find them in super skinny, skinny, straight and flair version. They are very elastic and they are a super comfortable: an ideal look for sure. In addition to being super stylish, they give you a sensational fit look, thanks to the sewing strategically positioned on the back and the WR.UP®  technology, all Made in Italy.

The slimming creams, the eternal diets and the continuous conscious exercise have been drop since the arrival of these push up phenomenon. This impulse that has been implanted in fashion not only follows the rules of the famous bikini with push up effect, or women’s lingerie, these two examples being the most common in the changing rooms of passionate fashion, but also the push up effect came a long time ago to the world of jeans. But it’s not just the push up pants, specifically the jeans that continue to conquer the market. Since its appearance, trends have been revolving around this phenomenon, which has been transferred to other types of pieces to dress as Freddy high waist gym pants.. This type of trousers that is characterized by being made with a more elastic fabric to provide comfort has joined the push up movement. This fact is very simple to understand, because the result obtained with the trousers has been cloned into their derivatives and thus ensure a stylized figure at all times and circumstances.

What do Freddy WR.UP ® Jeans do?

And what do they do? They emphasize so much your figure, they make your B-side  look so good and fit, and they stylize the legs, adjusting to these as if they were a second skin. And on top of that, without pressing anything at all because, although they are very tight, these jeans are AS comfortable as leggings but with a lot, a lot MORE style.

In addition, his long ankle is perfect to combine with any shoe, especially with the Converse Chuck Taylor: with platform, with prints, with glitters…ALL kinds.

In the noble art of finding the perfect jeans, there are several rules. That they are stylish, that they are comfortable, that the material is durable, that they do not lose shape… But undoubtedly, the Holy Grail of this garment is in a very specific area of our anatomy. Yeah, the ass is the issue. If they do not elevate, round and favor this part, we are not interested in them. However, since the words ‘push-up’ entered our fashion dictionary, it is much easier to achieve this goal, and if you buy one of these models, even more so.

Match it with a pair of stylish stilettos for a more formal look.

With this type of textile pieces, it is important to remember also that grace and elegance are in boasting kilometric legs under the optical effect offered by these trousers. It is therefore the best thing to do when choosing the look is not to wear very large hoodies because this could have a negative effect on the look.

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